when negative is good…

We become so hardwired to think of “negative” as bad, that I occasionally have the same reaction as George Costanza (see video below) when I receive negative results. However, when it comes to medical test results, negative is GOOD.

You may remember from my last post that after some intestinal bleeding, my doctor ordered some tests.  The results are in. Negative for parasites. Negative for anemia.  Negative for salmonella, e.coli, or other bacteria. Everything came back normal (which is often the story of a dysautonomiac’s life). Well, everything except one tiny blood test result.


My eosinophils count is high – about double what it should be – and my absolute lymphocyte count is borderline high.

 Eosinophil is a funny word, one of those words I’m pretty sure I’m pronouncing incorrectly. It sounds like some super cool European first name that will become popular in the states in about a decade.

Eosinophils are one of those random medical labs I actually know a little about, as mine occasionally run high. Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell, so they are a part of the immune system.  They are often present with inflammation and help fight off infections.  Like mast cells, eosinophils are involved in allergic responses, which may explain why mine are occasionally high. However, I take an H1 and H2 blocker and cromolyn, all of which should help reduce my allergic reactions. I have been told, although I haven’t been able to confirm, that if I’m on histamine blockers, allergies shouldn’t be the cause of my high lab result.

Eosinophils count can be high for numerous reasons, including allergies, infections, autoimmune conditions, parasites, and colitis, among other things. Eosinophils may also be high in some chronic conditions that cause inflammation, but as far as I know, POTS is not one of them. In my last blood test six months ago, my eosinophil count was normal. Therefore, the high eosinophil count in combination with intestinal bleeding makes me wonder if I have some kind of abdominal infection going on.

vomitAlthough I still have a lot of nausea and abdominal pain, I haven’t had any intestinal bleeding for at least a week. My physician wants me to see a specialist for possible abdominal testing. However, my (mostly) negative test results have left me feeling rather positive. As long as there isn’t any more bleeding, I think I will wait a couple months.

Right now I’m focusing on keeping my POTS symptoms under control for the wedding. One step at a time. Step one: breathe.

“Breathe. Sky.” – Chuck Lorre

Smell ya later.
– Linds


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  1. Right now I can totally relate….I need to just Breathe.

    Do what you think is right. If you aren’t bleeding, perhaps re do the blood test in a month or two….well let’s change that to, after the wedding. If you do start bleeding again, then you can revisit that thought. You are a grown up who is very informed, much more than most people, I think you can make a good informed decision about how to handle your health.

    Continued thoughts of well being…and good luck on the final wedding plans.

  2. Man oh man. I sure wish I had some helpful words here. Thinking of you.

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